Becoming a Winning Woman: 7 Steps to Developing Your Winning Circle

As I thought about what to write for this Dear Wednesday Letter I couldn’t help but to think about the quality of relationships between women. As I mentioned on the last blog, we are in the series Winning Women: Living Life On Purpose where we are having amazing conversations and interviews with women who have unique backgrounds in leadership. These partnerships would not have been possible without collaboration and relationship building among women from different backgrounds. May you be encouraged and challenged as you read this week’s Dear Wednesday.

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Relationships among women can be beautiful. We see famous examples of friendships such as Oprah and Gayle who have supported each other throughout the years. We have also seen the messiness on shows such as the Real Housewives of (insert your favorite State or Region here). I am not here to try and explain why this contention happens, rather I want to give you tips on how to develop yourself in to a Winning Woman that attracts healthy, engaging, collaborative relationships with other winning women. But first, let’s take a look at some powerful words by some winning men and women to remind you to always think higher. "Every woman is your sister. Treat her accordingly."

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” Iyanla Vanzant, speaker

Now, let’s get in to 7 ways to become a Winning Woman:

#1 – Acknowledge your walls, past hurts and trauma and seek help from a trained and trusted source. It can be impossible to grow and move forward when your world view and thought patterns ave been affected by baggage. #2 – Evaluate your thoughts. No, this does not mean to overthink everything. Sometimes unhealthy thoughts enter our heads; this can lead to us making up stories and scenarios about a person or situation that may not be true. You must learn to practice healthy thinking and that starts with your thought life. #3 – Evaluate your current circle of Friends. Are you surrounding yourself with other Women who are also growing? Are those relationships healthy or toxic? Are those relationships helpful or supportive? Can you lean on your crew when times get hard? These are tough but necessary questions if you want to build healthy relationships.

#4 – Figure out what you are really passionate about. It is so easy to just live life making it from one day to the next never stopping to get to know yourself. I challenge you to take time (as much as you need), get quiet with yourself, ask yourself questions, explore new hobbies, learn what makes you tick. This is where you will find your passions. #5 – Find Mentors (In person or from afar) that are doing things you are passionate about and learn from them. The goal here is not to try and become them but to learn from other Women who have paved the way and have shown success in their lives, relationships and businesses. #6 – Never Quit the Journey. Yes, all of these things will take time, no one changes over night and healthy, lasting relationships are not built in a day. Understand that you will encounter days where you do not feel like being self-aware or understanding or even productive. However, those moments will pass. So, I challenge you to keep going, especially when you face difficulties and trust that the group of Wining Women you are developing around you will be right by your side! #7 – Realize that you have always been a “Winning Woman”; you just hadn’t fully stepped in to your greatness. For all of my Sisters across the globe, I challenge you to Challenge Yo Self!

Virtual XOXO,

Ashley Marcel

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This Dear Wednesday Letter was hand-crafted by AshleyMarcel an Administrative Guru, Public Health advocate, Graduate Student, Mentor, Motivator and Cultural Enthusiast. Ms. Marcel has worked closely with both men and women both domestically and abroad helping to build stronger communities and healthier people. She has worked in the administrative world for over five years and is currently studying public health research. Look out for Ms.Marcel, there is much more to come! You can find AshleyMarcel on social media @anwilli7 on IG.

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