To Beach or Not to Beach: That is the Question (Dear Wednesday)

Our theme for August is: TAKE ACTION. What actions, even the smallest steps of improvement, have you taken this month that are preparing you for the rest of 2019? Comment below and let us know!

Dear Wednesday,

I have not been to the ocean in sooo long. Well, it's been about a year or so. For all of you who think I may be crazy (a little crazy is healthy...right?!), I live near some of the best beaches on the East Coast. Yes, people travel far and long to get to our beaches. So, the thought of turning down a wonderful family and food-filled weekend must sound ridiculous.

How could anyone turn down the feeling of the warm sun hitting your skin and the smell of the salty breeze as the pelicans fly over singing their all too familiar songs. I mean, how could I say no to a chance to peer out in to the sparkling blue ocean waves and dig my toes in to the warm, soft sand?

Are you envisioning yourself at the beach yet?

Well, the truth is, I had an assignment that was due on Sunday and the beach trip was on Saturday. After working all day and completing other assignments, this paper was left for the weekend. Fun stuff. So why didn't I just pull an all nighter on Friday or Sunday? Or, why not just turn it in a little late? I am sure many of you feel that way right now or have felt that way at some point... "Well, I can just finish that later" or "It will be okay, no one will notice if it's late or unfinished". Do these phrases sound familiar? Have you ever pulled the "Tomorrow" card? So have I, but this time was different. This time I had a vision.

You see, this assignment was a small part of the larger purpose I was created to walk out. My destiny depends on my focus and my ability to delay some fun for progress. And, just in case you suddenly became discouraged, please understand that the days of digging in and sacrificing are not forever. In today's society we see many people who are passionless, discouraged and lack vision for their lives.

But what if those people decided on one goal and after that, they decided to take one step towards that goal? How far could that person be towards that goal if they took one step per day? Even per week! That's the point Dear Wednesday Family. That vision, that goal, that dream, that thing that you really want to accomplish that will push you forward in life will never happen if you never make an effort.It is easy and sometimes comforting to hope and wish for a thing, but were we given the ability to choose. So, today I ask you... what is one thing that you want to change, improve on, learn, do? Name it and write it down and DECIDE. Decide to GO and GET IT. Yes, you will have to sacrifice some things; yes it will be difficult; yes you will want to quit at times but discomfort makes us move. So today, I am giving you the choice.

Will you choose comfort and sameness? Or will you decide to take the step?

Whatever you decide, be encouraged, because you can still choose to change your choice.Happy Wednesday!

XOXO Ashley

Until next time, Be good to yourself and others!

Evaluate your relationships!

Check your thought life!

And, invest in opportunities that increase your quality of life.

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This Dear Wednesday Letter was hand-crafted by Ashley Marcel. Ashley Marcel is a lover of people, daughter of God and Public Health advocate. Currently Ashley is working with students in the medical and dental fields who provide service to the underserved regions in her area. At the same time, she is studying Public Health at Capella University with the goal of working in the area of research. As a member of the Challenge.Courage team, part of Ashley’s purpose is to help women live fuller, more abundant lives through mentoring, encouragement and health promotion.

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