10 Power Strategies That Will Change Your Life Now

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Take a dose of Horsepower

Buckle up.

Anyone else having a total out-of-body experience these days? Do you feel like you’re watching yourself in a movie? Perhaps you sense that you’re replaying the same day over and over again in your head.

The past few weeks have strung together like a neverending story where the only theme that existed was uncertainty. I, like many of you, have felt the weight of staying at home, working remotely, trying to find a routine, and feeling tired like I just fought a 12-round fight against Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed at the same time.

I guess the word I’m looking for is powerless. At periods during this pandemic, I've truly felt powerless. I’m fighting a battle within myself – the self I was pushing to become in 2020 versus the self that is literally telling herself to simply put one foot in front of the other.

The fact is that people are getting severely sick and dying. The fact is that there’s no end date that leadership can provide. The fact is that the reported facts are depressing and tragic. The fact is that there is no amount of social media scrolling will take away the losses around the globe. Many people who suffered from coronavirus have died alone. Many families are left without the opportunity to say goodbye. And, those of us who are taking every precaution are left wondering when the exact point was that our lives changed, possibly for a long while.

I can't quite pinpoint the date but 2020 has truly felt like a day without an ending.

But, there is hope. I want to provide you 10 power strategies that will to increase your power and resilience in the midst of this unprecedented pandemic. As I was reading some of the laws from famed book, The 48 Laws of Power, by bestselling renowned author Robert Greene, I decided to open 10 doors to purposeful power for you now so that you can combat feelings of powerlessness in this time. No diss to Mr. Greene in any way, but desperate times call for different measures. So let’s go.

10 Power Strategies that will change your life (should you put action behind the words)

Learn to Work the Power You Own

1. Become a predictable, poignant (touching) force in people’s lives. Where there is confusion, bring clarity. Where there are questions, provide solutions… even across the miles. Sorry not sorry Mr. Greene... now is not a time for unpredictability or suspense. Not in relationships, not in work culture, not in the doctor’s office, not anywhere. We are living uncertainty right now, and we must be the change we seek. We need answers and swift action more than ever.

2. Plan for today and live the heck out of that day knowing that when you go to sleep it is without regret. Mr. Greene says to plan all the way to the end, but to the end of what? We don’t have an end date. In this current climate where living and breathing well is a commodity, spend your time living with purpose even within your home, with your partner, with your family or all by yourself. Live your day well and go to sleep without worry for tomorrow. Go to sleep having lived your best day.

3. Be yourself at all costs. Now is not the time to play small or hide behind who you think you should be. Now is not the time to worry about what anyone says about you. Now is the time to live an authentic, not manufactured personality. Mr. Greene says in The 48 Laws of Power to blend in or risk being punished by society. However, I believe one of the greatest punishments of all is hiding when you were meant to bring the fullness of yourself to the forefront. Purposefully blending is self-sabotage and I'm not a fan of that.

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Your best life is on the other side of your decision to move forward in the midst of unprecedented challenges.

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This Dear Wednesday Letter was hand-crafted by Dr. Joy. Dr. Joy Well, mental health clinician, confidence catalyst, professor, self-sabotage solutionist and avid researcher is one of the quintessential experts on the connection between the mind, body, and immune system. Her doctoral work explored the experiences of women of color living with autoimmune diseases and how they function and experience the medical community and beyond. Once a shy, small-town girl with big dreams, Joy has found peace and purpose working with women of all ages to develop a fierce, faith-filled identity, personally and professionally. She is a clinician and entrepreneur in mental health private practice, seeing all ages, backgrounds, and genders. In her spare time, she enjoys music, movies, writing, and getting into mischief with friends. You can find Dr. Joy on social media @captivatingjoy.

Mentioned in the #DearWednesday blog: Greene, R. (2010). The 48 laws of power (Vol. 1). Profile Books.

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