Trying to Make Sense of it All (Dear Wednesday)

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Trying to Make Sense of it All

Written by Guest Contributor: Romona Henderson

"Everything happens for a reason", I think I've heard this phrase all my life. Perhaps it was a way to condition me to not worry about the things I cannot control. Many growing pains have come up over the years, as many of you can relate.

Trying to navigate a personal life, career, health, and family can get hectic sometimes. If you know me personally, you know that I try to approach life with a “glass half full” approach and look for positives. We all know sometimes this just isn't practical, and 2019 certainly was my year to test that “happy go lucky”, "everything happens for a reason" attitude I've always tried so hard to hold onto.

The beginning of 2019 I was sitting in church and heard a preacher say, "Choose Joy," simple yet profound. It instantly spoke to me, since sometimes finding joy can be a struggle. As a reminder I had a bracelet engraved with those beautiful words, "Choose Joy".

"Sometimes choosing joy can be a struggle"

I didn't know why, but I was proclaiming these words for a reason. I had a routine physical the year prior and suspected I had a thyroid issue because of some symptoms for hypothyroidism I had researched. (Yes, I am that patient that Googles everything and think I know a lil something because I have a biology degree lol).

At that time my doctor thought everything was OK since my labs were normal but I just didn't "feel" ok, so I pushed the issue and she ordered an ultrasound which discovered a nodule. It was thought to be harmless and I went about my day. Fast forward a year (2019): I was told it was time for my yearly check and was unfortunately informed it had turned into cancer.

At 31 years old, I hear those dreaded words, cancer.

I instantly fell into a depression.

My spirit was so broken. All I could do was look to God for strength and try to "choose joy". But how could I? I cried privately, but publicly I attempted to smile behind my fears. I had a good friend that reminded me it was OK to not be OK.

It was that moment I had to just sit with the fact that I had cancer, but it didn't have me.

I was ready to fight! I’ve never had to tap into this deep place of searching for peace even when you are fearful. It took daily mediation and prayer to overcome these feelings of despair. God would always send someone my way to uplift. It amazed me how it wasn't the people I thought would be there but the people who were divinely sent to support me in that dark season.

I was so determined to beat it. I went through the months of recovery from surgery and treatment, and I am proud to say I am CANCER FREE!No evidence of disease” was written to me in an online report after my full body scans, and instantly a weight was lifted. I gasped for air as if I had just breathed for the first time in months.

  • This year showed me to slow down and pay attention to my body and follow up when needed.

  • Trust your gut and allow God to lead you. He literally saved my life.

With this new-found lease on life I was determined to lead a healthier life style. Your girl went and hiked a mountain!

"I was determined to lead a healthier lifestyle"

I’m even trying to go vegan/vegetarian to help maintain this blessing of health extended to me. I do not take it for granted. Most importantly this trial brought me closer to God. He led me through this entire process, and I pray that he speaks to your heart about areas in your life where you can choose joy in spite of your reality. Take the leap of faith. You are stronger than you know.

Blessings to you,


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Meet Romona

Romona Henderson is a native of the charming city of Charlotte, NC with an avid curiosity for Medicine. Therefore in 2006, it was not a big surprise that she gained acceptance into the Biological Science program at North Carolina State University. With the vision of going in to the Medical Laboratory Science field; she enrolled in Carolinas College of Health Science in 2010, receiving her certification as a Medical Laboratory Scientist. Romona is devoted to supporting the mission of maintaining the highest level of patient care. But most importantly Her faith in God sustains her daily. This deep passion for God permeates Her drive for helping others and giving back. A fun fact about Romona is that she, her Mother, and Sister all share the same birthday, of April 8th! Romona can be reached via email - or Instagram - @MonaLisaSmile88.

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