Every Tree Has Roots

Have you ever heard the phrase... every tree has its roots?

This is a story about 3 women who were somehow brought together to start a venture. But not, just any business, group or organization. But, a global empire by and for women (more on that later). Actually, they started many things, but first here's their personal story.

We will begin with Patrice. You see, Patrice is the practical minded one (though like many, that's debatable haha). If there is an issue she will present a practical, organized and detailed way to solve it. Does that sound like anyone you know?

But here's the thing everyone needs a practical mind when the dreamers and the feelers get super lost in their world or, in some cases, multiple worlds. 

And speaking of Dreamers, we must talk about Joy. Yes, her name is literally JOY (what a responsibility). Now Joy is a pure visionary and creative. She had the ability to see the problem, then find possible solutions, and somehow make the problem actually want to get better. Have you ever heard of that? Nope, me either. That is why you need a Joy around! Someone to see a vision and kick your butt until you all get there. And, who knows you might just enjoy the journey. Joy's are good at making sucky things sweeter and more significant (and she's unapologetically fierce).

Last but not least we find ourselves at Ashley. Oh, Ashley. You see, she is a feeler. Empaths are quite unique. Perhaps you, yourself are an empath. No, not someone who cries all of the time or goes around hugging everyone (although, she may do that from time to time). Ashley is the one who can sense every emotion in the atmosphere and wants to make it all right. She is a sensitive, yet tough soul that can take lots of punches and fully feel every blow. The thing about Ashley is she loves to laugh. So she will find every, I meant EVERY opportunity to make someone else smile. You also must have an Ashley in your group because they can see parts of people that many can't. Ashley spends time getting to know people and that curiosity pays off in dividends.

The friends all have their own strengths and it works when they work it. All relationships take work.

So now, you're probably thinking.... what in the heck does any of that have to do with me? Or for me?

Well let me introduce you to Kelly.


Kelly is a hot mess, and aren't we all in certain seasons. She had been in and out of unhealthy relationships, and has a credit score that would make Bill Gates cry (or want to donate); but Kelly is very intelligent and full of creative ideas and thoughts for both her future and her community. Kelly wants to build up the youth in her community and create avenues for single Mothers to find good jobs. But the problem is that Kelly can not seem to make any progress. Day after day she finds herself stuck.

Stuck in bad relationships,

stuck in low paying jobs with no future,

stuck in life and she does not know how to move forward.

Kelly is the perfect candidate to invest her time in the Dear Wednesday Letter, and That Dear Wednesday Life" because she needs encouragement, strategies, connections, and hope.

Kelly needs to go from Stuck to Unstoppable. 

It is because of the Kellys that Patrice, Joy, and Ashley connected to create "That Dear Wednesday Life", the famed "Dear Wednesday Letter" (get it in your inbox) and other resources for women because each of us have been a Kelly, know a Kelly, are a Kelly currently, or are one decision away from the Kelly-stuck life. So, we can not sit back and watch Women remain stuck. Join the powerhouses here in the mission of helping women define their lives for themselves.

We are Patrice, Ashley and Joy, the DWL Lifestyle Strategists, and we are here to help you define your life for yourself!

Stay tuned for more of the DWL story later on.

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