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Your "That Wednesday Life" Lifestyle Strategists are excited to announce a guest blogger for this week's #DearWednesday. It is our pleasure to introduce Edit Alaverdyan, founder of Momfident Women and passionate author, who is blogging how to remember and accept yourself in all seasons and stages, especially for women in the transition and lifestyle of motherhood. Motherhood never stops. No matter how old children are, no matter tired a mother may get - the fact is... motherhood is for life. We appreciate Edit for gracing our space with her powerful view of the Momfident woman.

P.S. For those amazing women who are not yet mamas naturally, do not forget that you are an example, a mentor, a coach, an auntie, an older cousin, a sibling... and furthermore you have the capacity to adopt or, when possible, to decide to brave pregnancy without a husband/boyfriend/etc. You can talk to your OB-GYN about other options if motherhood is a desire of your heart and you have waited (as many have) and your age is becoming a factor in the natural ability to get pregnant. Also to the moms who have lost children, our hearts and prayers are with you. Please reach out to Edit if this blog resonates with you...

Dear Wednesday,

Becoming a mother is God's and the Universe's gift. But, there is one slight factor that all mothers miss during the pregnancy process and mothering process:

“Never forget yourself”

Being a mother is beautiful, yet difficult. Working in the field of mental health and helping mothers with depression and effects of Post-partum, I learned that we can easily lose ourselves in the process.

Some of the symptoms a mother can experience that illustrate disconnect from self are agitations, loneliness, lack of sleep and isolation. We never have time for a moment to relax, unwind, and process about our day, let alone our life.

Let’s not forget the never-ending comparing ourselves to other mothers (or women) and never-ending guilt, you know, the one-hour pedicure appointment is a never-ending battle with your mind of "I am not a bad mom or am I?!. The idea of Momfident Women is to bring your confidence back and your time.

We are not just a mother OR just a wife.

We are women, powerful, beautiful and resilient.

I have created Momfident Women to make sure you feel validated, gorgeous mothers. I can’t wait to take this journey with you.

I think it's so easy to slip and fall into a lack of self-care and feelings of disconnect.

I have been there so many times myself, and this is why journaling is very important or more like keeping memoirs of your life can help you reach and stay connected. I highly suggest journaling daily because it helps with organizing and identifying feelings that can ultimately help with your confidence. Journaling helps with confidence because journaling helps identify your goals and accomplishments.

Also, Gorg, utilize my Momfident classes to address negative thoughts, improve organization skills, and build confidence, along with so much more.

I have also published my book Memoirs of a Mother. The Memoir is a journal full of prompts to help you with finding your love connection and identity. Memoirs of a Mother, is my baby and I can't wait for it to help you flourish and reconnect with yourself.

You deserve to fall in love with you, mamas.

You deserve Abundance and you can have it all, you just need the right tools.

The tools that I'm providing with my book, available on Amazon now, and my courses can help you become the best mom at the playground - because you are.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Edit A., Dear Wednesday Guest Blogger

Guest Blogger Bio: Edit Alaverdyan born and raised in Hrazdan, Armenia and came to the United States at age 9. From then on, she had a passion for Humanitarianism and Psychology. Edit earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Child Therapy. Edit conducted two years of her training at BHC Alhambra Hospital working with acute patients in mental health distress followed by extensive experience with Eating Disorder patients. While working at Reasons Eating Disorder Recovery Center, she gained extensive experience conducting various groups and psychotherapy approaches. Edit has been invited to several schools such as California State University - Northridge and University of Phoenix specifically for her Psycho-educational courses and panel speeches on individuals struggling with Grief and Loss as well as depression. Currently, Edit is continuing her education with a Doctorate in Health Administration. She is a consultant with various mental health organizations implementing various programs by adding the approach to advanced study and research in the applied science and practice of professional management. She is also a Mindset Mentor for mothers and women struggling with connection to self. Her goal is to create a safe environment, instill confidence and provide emotional support to anyone that is struggling with mental health dilemmas. Edit also has an online school called Momfident Women exclusively on Teachable where she provides various classes aimed at a mindset shift.

You can find Edit Alaverdyan on Instagram at Momfident women - @Momfident_Women.

Thanks sincerely to Edit for being our #DearWednesday guest blogger to close out the month of October 2019. 

Until next time, Be good to yourself and others!

Evaluate your relationships!

Check your thought life!

And, invest in opportunities that increase your quality of life.

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