Dear Wednesday: Living Your FearLess Life + Creating FearLess Affirmations

The theme for November is "Fear-Less". This is personal. As I sat to reflect on this month's theme, I prayed and asked God what He wanted me to write. Pictures began to flash in my mind along with memories about past and current struggles. In that moment I realized the extent to which I have allowed “fear” to drive my life. In the right context, fear is good. Yes, we need to seek shelter from a bad storm. We should be vigilant when walking to the car at night all alone, and so on...

However, many people, especially Ladies, are filled with the type of fears that have no factual evidence or grounding behind them. We trust these fears to guide us because of what we have been told, have seen, and what we have been deceived to believe. Therefore (unless the Lord tells me otherwise) I have had the honor of sharing personal stories that I hope will encourage, but more importantly, push you out of fear’s illusion-based prison.

Dear Wednesday,

Here we are at the end of FearLess November! A month where we decided to take back our power and move in to a new, untouched level of ourselves.

  • What have you learned?

  • What steps have you taken towards the better future and better you that you know is possible?

I have shared story after story every week this month, but for this week, I want you to write your own story. I have created a “FearLess Affirmation” sheet and I want all of you to read, reread and speak these affirmations aloud each day.


I know the Holidays can be a tough time for singles, marrieds and anyone else who lives on planet Earth with other humans. I hope this list encourages you each day, and if you are not struggling this holiday season, share this list with someone who is.

Write in your own affirmations, make it yours!

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Your fearless Dear Wednesday Strategist,


“It's my nature to be fearless”  ~ Giannis Antetokounmpo

~FearLess Affirmations~

Fearlessly eat that pie

Fearlessly take that second helping

Fearlessly enjoy your after dinner nap

Fearlessly walk in to the family dinner with your prepackaged dish 

           *No Hunny, you do not need to slave over that stove*

Fearlessly set boundaries with family and loved ones this Holiday

to protect your time, your mind and your heart

Fearlessly spend time with friends 

*Yes they can be as close as family too*

Fearlessly begin a new routine

*Start a savings account, wake up 30 minutes earlier to stretch or read*

Fearlessly wear that bold lip color in public

Fearlessly put yourself first this season

Fearlessly share your gifts and talents with the world

Fearlessly speak truth

*to yourself and others*

Fearlessly acknowledge when you are at fault

Fearlessly face your past traumas so you can move forward courageously

Fearlessly pursue HEALTH

*Mentally and Physically*

Fearlessly pursue HEALTHY relationships

Fearlessly cut ties with anyone or anything that is polluting your atmosphere

Fearlessly take that trip you keep talking about

*Even if you have to do it alone*

Fearlessly share you thoughts, opinions and views with the world

*There is only ONE you and we need to hear what you have to offer*

Fearlessly make mistakes, get back up, and make some more

Fearlessly be Completely ~ Authentically ~  Boldly Y O U

Until next time, Be good to yourself and others!

Evaluate your relationships!

Check your thought life!

And, invest in opportunities that increase your quality of life.

Brought to you every Wednesday by your DWL Lifestyle Strategists

This Dear Wednesday Letter was hand-crafted by Ashley Marcel. Ashley Marcel is a lover of people, daughter of God and Public Health advocate. Currently, Ashley is working with students in the medical and dental fields who provide service to the underserved regions in her area. At the same time, she is studying Public Health at Capella University with the goal of working in the area of research. Part of Ashley’s purpose is to help women live fuller, more abundant lives through mentoring, encouragement and health promotion.  Contact Ashley Marcel further @anwilli7 on Instagram. #fearless #fearlesswomen #befreeordie #wednesdaywisdom #fear #Faith #purpose #persistence #courage

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