Dear Wednesday: Hakuna Nada

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Dear Wednesday,

"Hakuna Matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days" were the wise (or not so wise) words spoken by Timon and Pumbaa in the epic movie, The Lion King.

It was their "problem free philosophy" created to solve all of their current problems and was meant to help one live a joyful, relaxed life.

I remember when I believed in such a dream.

You see... growing up I always thought that if I could get to a certain place or reach a specific level that I would have a problem free life. I believed I could become very successful, no money worries and have a healthy, active life with my magazine-ready family and white picket fence. It sounds silly now, but I believed it was possible to achieve utopia. So imagine my disappointment as the years passed and life became more and more difficult.

I wondered, what is wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? Surely other people are not going through all of the pain, hurt, and discomfort as I am!

Maybe some of you are feeling this way right now, maybe you are in the middle of a tough spell and you are thinking that there must be something wrong, something you need to change. While it is true that we must look at both our environment and our soul when going through difficult times, we can not forget the lessons on the other side.

What Timon and Pumbaa did not expect was to meet a lost lion named Simba who was also running from a tough situation. So... while "Hakuna Matata" seemed to be the best remedy at the time, the unresolved issues ultimately came creeping back up, and this time it had to be faced.


This is also the realization I came to after years upon years of my own frustration. It was finally time to look myself in the mirror.

What I discovered was a Woman who was more mature and more purpose filled than the little Girl that started the journey. That was the golden moment, when I realized I had been "Becoming" everything I ever wanted and more. Because it is the pain, the hurt, the frustration, the mistakes, the laughter and the tears that mature us, that push us and mold us into our destined selves.

So for all of my Wednesday Family, I encourage you, whether you are facing failure, heartbreak, frustration or joy.... keep moving! Don't stop!

Take one practical step per day (2 if you're feeling great) towards your future.

Your vision will not be achieved in a single moment or action, but by consistency and the belief that your difficult moments are only paving stones leading you in to your destiny.

Hakuna Matata,


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Until next time, Be good to yourself and others!

Evaluate your relationships!

Check your thought life!

And, invest in opportunities that increase your quality of life.

Brought to you by Ashley, Joy and Patrice, your DWL Lifestyle Strategists

This Dear Wednesday Letter was hand-crafted by Ashley Marcel. Ashley Marcel is a lover of people, daughter of God and Public Health advocate. Currently Ashley is working with students in the medical and dental fields who provide service to the underserved regions in her area. At the same time, she is studying Public Health at Capella University with the goal of working in the area of research. As a member of the Challenge.Courage team, part of Ashley’s purpose is to help women live fuller, more abundant lives through mentoring, encouragement and health promotion.

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